• Why Choose Amina’s Mortgage Services

  • Does any of this ring true for you?

    • You want to invest in real estate but you don’t know where to start or which strategy to choose.
    • “You desperately want to grow your real estate portfolio so you can leave your boring and energy-sucking J.O.B.”
    • “You hit the so-called financing wall, you've run out of money to keep growing your portfolio and you're not sure where to turn.”
    • “You think real estate investing is hard – they promised you'd be retired in no time, making a passive income from your properties. Now, you’re $40,000 in debt from real estate investing courses and it seems like your retirement made a jump in the other direction?”
    • You don't know if you want to invest in Canada, the US or both?
    • You don't know which real estate investing strategy to choose?

    You're not alone – many investors, including myself, have felt the same frustrations.    

    I’m Amina Mohamed of Amina’s Mortgage Services. As a mortgage broker and real estate investor, I understand how difficult it can be – not only to start investing but to keep growing.  

    When I started out I was confused about which option to choose and which company to trust.  I began with a rent to own company, but quickly came to the realization the only one getting rich was the company I joined!

    Having been in the trenches, I understand how difficult it can be to:

    • Navigate the marketplace for the financing you need
    • Find the Joint-Venture partners you want
    • Come up with the down payments required without going to the bank of mom and dad or friends
    • Find good deals in this over-heated marketplace
    • Keep growing your portfolio by sticking to your retirement plans
    • And more….

    Where do you start and how do you get to the finish line of your investing goals?

    As a mortgage broker, who's also a real estate investor and who has dealt with the same challenges as you, I can help!

    As a real estate investor, you already know that you want to grow your investment portfolio, so you don’t need to worry about retirement like so many other Canadians.  You just need a little help getting started or solutions to help you keep going – and that’s exactly what I can do for you!

    Wouldn’t it be great if…”

    • You could grow your portfolio by knowing which lenders to approach first?
    • You could get a road-map to move from residential to commercial financing?
    • You could invest in real estate without being a landlord and invest without the hassles of owning?
    • You could be partnered up with another investor who has money to invest?
    • You could learn what markets to avoid and which markets lenders hate?
    • You could get either an investor or tenant-buyer for your rent to own property?
    • You could learn how to invest without spending thousands on useless courses?

    At Amina’s Mortgage Services, I can help investors like you find the financing you need and help you grow your residential and commercial portfolio's both in Canada and the US.

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    Here's what just a few of my clients say about how I've helped them grow their wealth:

    I recently refinanced my principal residence and one of my investment properties, using Amina's Mortgage Services. Working with Amina was a great experience. She took the time to understand my needs and managed to get me great rates and terms. Amina is very knowledgeable in regards to mortgages and real estate investing in general, and she is a great resource to have on your team. As well, Amina is very well connected in the real estate world, and she went out of her way to connect me with a great property manager and lawyer. If you are looking for a solid mortgage broker, I recommend contacting Amina.

    Ron Visser


    Amina is very professional in her evaluations and provides insights to real estate investing that are far beyond what a regular mortgage broker will offer. In addition, she's very friendly and gives you fast feedback.

    Gus Mora