• Non-Resident Mortgage Solutions

  • What you need to know to invest successfully in Canadian real estate

    Are you a Canadian citizen living and working abroad? Maybe low interest rates have you thinking about investing your hard-earned money in the Canadian real estate market?

    You've come to the right place!

    I work regularly with Canadians living and working abroad to help them obtain low-interest rate mortgages for real estate investments that provide a great cash-on-cash returns, year after year.

  • Why invest in Canada?

    • It's the most stable country offering great investment properties in both residential and commercial markets
    • Even with new mortgage rule changes, your money goes further here than abroad, allowing for great cash flow and the ability to have your money work for you
    • Opportunity to invest in a country that did not experience the economic downturn experienced and unfortunately still ongoing in the US
    • Excellent cash–flowing opportunities in Toronto, our largest city, as well as nearby Hamilton, Niagara region, Barrie and York region, for single-family and multi-family homes, as well as commercial properties and more
    • Access to professional mortgage brokers, real estate agents, accountants and lawyers
    • Using Canadian banking institutions, available through a mortgage broker, provides you with an opportunity to establish credit in Canada, if you decide to move (back) in the future
  • Case study 1

  • A Canadian living in China wished to purchase a student-rental for his son, attending McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario (about 1 hour west of Toronto). The father's plan was for his son to go to school and, instead of staying on campus, own his own place and rent out the remaining rooms to other students. We helped him qualify for his mortgage with a 35% down payment, then used a local Hamilton realtor knowledgeable about the area and student rental market.

    Result: From start to finish we found him a student rental purchase in less than 3 months and a property manager to take care of the property in his absence.

  • Case study 2

  • A family living in Kuwait, earning tax-free US funds, wanted to invest in Canada because, as non-residents, they were not allowed to purchase property in Kuwait or surrounding countries. They also knew that they would be returning to Canada in the future when their sons attended university. With an available 35% down payment, they purchased a triplex in Brampton for 10% below market. The property required some work but the investor saw the benefits of purchasing a slight fixer-upper and capitalizing on the returns.

    Result: From start to finish, the investor qualified, purchased the property and had renovations completed in 8 months.

  • SECRET OF SUCCESS: They both worked with our team of mortgage broker, real estate agent, accountants who specialize in non-resident clients and finally our real estate lawyers. A team that can take you from beginning to end!

  • Here's what just a few of my non-resident clients say about how I've helped them buy their properties:

  • As an international investor buying property for the first time in Canada, Amina's knowledge and professionalism were invaluable to me. I purchased a pre-construction unit and there were many hoops to jump through, including an interim close followed swiftly by the final close. Amina helped me to navigate the whole process from beginning to end, was extremely proactive in following up with me, the lawyer and the bank, and we closed the deal smoothly and got a great mortgage, too. Amina, thank you for all your help! - Tong - Singapore
  • I was very apprehensive on the process till I was referred to Amina. She is someone who looks after your interest and her knowledge of the market and professionalism gave me total confidence to deal with her with complete trust. She has extensive network of experienced stakeholders and her proactive approach towards the deal and deadline made the whole process effortless. I definitely look forward to working with her in the future and highly recommend her. - Bari - Abu Dhabi
  • Why work with a mortgage broker?

    As a licensed mortgage broker, I have access to lenders that will facilitate non-resident mortgages and I am extremely knowledgeable about current rules and how they may affect your plan to purchase. Rest easy knowing that I can shop your deal for you, as well as take care of the paperwork, negotiations and financing.

    Recent changes to mortgage rules, aimed at deterring non-resident and foreign buyers, have done little to sway interest in Canada's profitable real estate market. However, working with a broker can ensure that, if and when additional rules come into effect that could potentially impact your ability to qualify, you'll be in good hands.

  • What documents will you need?

    • Mortgage application and credit consent
    • Two pieces of photo ID
    • Foreign credit bureau or letter of reference from your bank – on letterhead and signed by your branch manager
    • Letter of employment stating:
      • Tenure, position, gross income amount
      • On letterhead and signed by your boss or HR department
    • Standard income tax filings – 2 years required (in your country of residence)
      • If you don’t file taxes in the country you are currently residing in, (e.g., Saudi Arabia), you will need a notarized letter from a professional accountant stating you don’t file taxes or pay taxes in that country
    • Bank statements showing income deposits
    • Statements of assets and liabilities attested by your bank manager, with 6 months of bank statements showing payments
    • List of ALL properties owned, as well as current mortgage statements and property tax statements
    • Full appraisal – ordered by your broker
  • Please note: Unless you are paying cash for your property, you will need to use a local mortgage broker. When it comes to non-residents investing in Canada, using a mortgage broker will ensure that all documents are verified and that you are qualified to purchase your rental property in as short as time as possible.

    Are you a foreign or non-resident buyer and want to obtain a mortgage for an investment or owner-occupied property? I can help. Give me a call today at 416-697-5443 or email me at [email protected]