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  • How To Purchase When The Mortgage Rules Keep Changing?

    Whether you are a resident of Canada or even a non-resident (living and working abroad), you are probably wondering how to keep purchasing and/or refinancing when the mortgage rules keep changing like the wind! Since last October, we have seen massive changes – everything from increased rates, [...]

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    Why Is DCR The Most Important Factor In Commercial Financing?

    DCR or debt coverage ratio, is one if not the most important thing to factor when it comes to commercial financing.  However, it is one of the most overlooked aspects so I thought I would touch upon it’s importance here. Last month, I closed on a very difficult commercial deal – a 12-plex in [...]

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    Private Lenders Are Feeling The Squeeze Too!

    Everyday, I open up my inbox and I see countless messages or promotions from Private Lenders – both individual’s and institutional privates, seeking to compete in this ever-changing mortgage landscape. Gone are the days, you could call a private lender and ask them to fund your client’s [...]

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