• Building Wealth With Syndicated Mortgages

  • You’ve worked hard all your life. Like most people, you’ve provided for yourself and your loved ones by making smart career choices and financial decisions. Moreover, just like everyone else you want to use the equity which you’ve built up in your home over the years to help better shore up you and your loved ones financial future. However, since 2008, you’ve learned to eye even the best-advertised investment strategies with more than a little scepticism, and rightly so.

    Smart Canadians are however, still investing. People just like you are thinking outside of the traditional box of 40% stock, 60% bond financial portfolios, and they’re investing instead in reliable 8% per annum fixed interest earnings in syndicate mortgage options.

    But what are syndicate mortgages & how do they make such safe and reliable home equity investment instruments?

    Quite simply Syndicated Mortgages are no fee low risk investments eligible to everyone. The fact exists that Mortgages are the banks chief investment instrument. People default on debts all the time, but just like you, the last thing people ever default on is their mortgage. What a syndicate mortgage investment does then is allow you to capitalize on that exact same strategy.

    In short, syndicate mortgage investments allow you to invest in the safest real estate market in the world while accruing fixed interest earnings of 8% per annum through the Canadian real estate market by becoming a mortgage lender yourself. Even better, developer profits on finished real estate projects often mean that you can expect to make returns in excess of 8% per annum.

    Earning guaranteed steady interest and with your principal investment amount secured against a physical property, syndicate mortgage investments allow you to negate any risk of default by allowing your own personal registration as a charge holder against a property and/or piece of development land. In fact, for added security, syndicate mortgage investments even allow you to pick and choose which projects you want to be involved with. This being the case, astute investors like yourself are able to check on the past track record and present reputability of property developers prior to actually investing.

    Of course, with direct collateral pitched against real assets, not to mention the continually appreciated safety and predictability of the Canadian real estate market, it’s not difficult to see why people looking to invest equity are looking more and more towards the security of the syndicate mortgage market. However, syndicate mortgage investment opportunities aren’t reserved for just Canadians. International investors are also eligible to invest in Canadian syndicate mortgage options. Likewise, investors can invest via cash and even cash held in RRSP, RESP, LIRA, LIFF and TFSA accounts. When was the last time your RRSP’s got a fixed 8% return without fees?

    In today’s marketplace, where everyone is vying for your precious dollar, you want to invest sensibly. You’ve worked hard to build equity and now you’re looking for a smarter way to make that equity work for you and your family.

    Want to know more? Reach out and let’s have a talk. It might be the best investing decision you will ever make!