• Are you a hopeful real investor but are facing obstacles to getting started? You are not alone – here are two obstacles that are common and some suggestions to overcome them.

    #1 – You have read or heard about somebody who started with nothing and is now a big Real Estate Entrepreneur.

    This is an easy one! First, remember Rome was not built in a day and neither are experts in their fields. No matter what you want to do in life, it takes learning, aptitude, practice and application.

    Let’s look at real estate investing as the example:

    First, you read about investing and you get intrigued. Next you attend networking events and meet some successful investors and start realizing that if they can do it you can too!

    Second, you progress to taking courses –not all courses or teachers are created equally. I made the mistake in thinking that just because they said they were experts did not make them experts. I quickly learned to realize that while learning was good, it did not make sense to learn if I could not apply what I was learning in my marketplace – ie. courses that are US centric but taught in Canada.

    Third, you get a coach, you learn to analyze deals and you put in offers – you have your first deal!

    Rinse and Repeat!

    #2 – You found a great deal but you have no money!

    I have networked with some innovative investors, who have taught me a thing or two. Perhaps you have no money, but you have some great skills in marketing or management or even other areas. Capitalize on that!

    The best way to overcome this obstacle is source your close friends and/or family and seek out joint venture partnerships. With paltry returns that people are getting on their investments, if you can show somebody how to double or triple their returns by investing with you, perhaps you can get yourself started. In many cases, once that joint venture partner likes the returns they are getting, they will continue to invest in you and your portfolio.

    Remember that finding the money is one thing but learning everything you can about real estate investing is pertinent. You don’t want to risk somebody else’s money if you yourself don’t know the first thing about investing. To reiterate my first point, attend networking events, take courses, get a real estate coach, preferably somebody you want to emulate and learn from. This will be the difference from being a real estate investor to a real estate entrepreneur.

    Obstacles will always be present when investing in real estate. By using your learned skills and education as well as your contacts, you will be able to overcome anything that comes your way!

    Happy Investing!