• Life Insurance for Children

  • As a part of my marketing strategy and in an effort to educate my clients not only about mortgages but about all things that affect them, I decided to start filming video’s to add to my written blog posts.

    My first video is about Life Insurance for Children.  Michael Lampel was my guest.  He runs a company that focuses entirely on Life Insurance for Children.

    Here are the top benefits:

    1. You get life insurance for your child, when they are young and they never have to qualify or do a medical again;
    2. The premiums are low and the premiums are the same for life;
    3. The plan can be funded by the parents or any other relative;
    4. There is a cash portion and a life insurance portion. The cash portion is reinvested so it helps the plan to grow and the life insurance portion is a whole-life plan, not a term plan;
    5. You as the parent own the life insurance policy until you decide to give it to your child;
    6. The cash portion can be used for education, investing, or purchasing a home;

    Interested to learn more, please contact Michael Lampel directly at:

    Life Insurance for Children
    [email protected]
    Tel: 416 642-4346

    To your Wealth!