• Last week I wrote about “honing my niche market”, which is combining mortgages and Rent to Own. I received a lot of great comments, but also some concerns.

    ID-100283925People who wrote, were concerned that I may not be able to assist them with other needs if my niche was Rent To Own. I can assure you that just because I have chosen my niche or it chose me, I am still well versed in assisting people with all their mortgage needs, whether they be #First-time homebuyers, #Newcomers to Canada or even people looking to #refinance their mortgage, just to name a few.

    Prior to becoming a mortgage agent, I was and still am a rent-to-own investor. Rent to own or RTO served two purposes; the first, was that it was a great way to become a investor of a property that would provide steady cash-flow and the second and more important purpose was that I would be able to assist people, who otherwise could not qualify for a mortgage to become homeowners.

    When I became a mortgage agent, I looked around to see what other agents and brokers were doing and striving to be different and make a name for myself, I reached out to other investors, who were also RTO investors to see if I could become a part of their power team in assisting them to qualify their potential tenant-buyers and/or potential JV partners. The rest as they say is history – just over a year into it and I have 3 RTO companies and 2 investor/JV partners that trust me with their mortgage needs.

    So who makes a potential tenant/buyer? They may have past credit issues, such as a bankruptcy and/or consumer proposal and need time to rebuild their credit; or they have great incomes and great jobs but lack the discipline required to save the downpayment; or they may be facing a power of sale or foreclosure and want to stay in the home so they decide to do a rent to own until they are back on their feet.

    Are you finding yourself in a situation, where you can’t currently qualify for a mortgage but want to become a homeowner?

    Do you want to find out if rent-to-own is a viable option for you? If so, we should talk!

    Reach out today, I will help you assess whether it makes sense to proceed with a rent-to-own or mortgage. Everybody’s situation is different, so don’t be shy to ask – if you don’t ask, you will never know whether you can qualify or not. Feel free to use the contact form below.

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    To your wealth!