• Happy New Year!
    So we are 1 week or 7 days into the New Year and I have yet to make any New Year’s resolutions – why?

    Well for one – I have great intentions but like so many others don’t stick to them.  Is it laziness – maybe yes! Is it lack of motivation – definitely not!  Is it time management – probably yes!

    So instead of resolutions, I have decided to focus on my marketing.

    I have been blogging regularly for over a year now and love doing it but time does not always allow it. I have a website but when I sat down over the holidays and took a serious look at it I realized it sucks! I need to revamp my website and really focus on my niche and stick to it. I also need to provide more meat on my website and relevant content for my niche.

    What is my niche and how did I choose it? Well to be honest it chose me.

    Rent to OwnRent to Own

    I have been investing in Rent to Own for a while now and when I got my mortgage license, I sought out other Rent to Own investors and offered my services to them and the list of people I work with has been steadily growing.

    Not many investors specialize in Rent to Own; there are a few reasons, but mainly it is not the easiest road to go down when it comes to real estate investing; your tenant buyers are not always successful; finding qualified tenant buyers is also getting difficult as many don’t have enough deposit to enter the program and finally the pool of available lenders is getting smaller.

    I started by striving to increase the ratio of success for the investors I work with – I endeavour to help more of their tenant buyers go through the program successfully.

    How else do I help my fellow investors? I pre-qualify their potential tenant buyers and/or investor partners; I send them qualified leads through my own RTO company and I make sure that once the potential tenant-buyer enters the program, that they will be successful, whether that is through debt management and/or credit rebuilding after a past bankruptcy or consumer proposal or even guidance on how to save the necessary downpayment for the mortgage at the end of the term.

    Tennant Management

    Tenant management is a huge factor in the successful operation of an RTO business and those investors that understand it are very successful.  It is not about the holy grail of the deposit, but helping somebody to become a homeowner and helping them to fix their credit and rebuild it and then qualifying for the mortgage is the icing on the cake.

    Are you an investor that needs help qualifying potential tenant buyers and or other investor partners? Do you need to attract potential tenant-buyers? Do you need to understand the nuances of running a successful Rent to Own company?

    Reach out to me.  I will be your partner in this journey!  I will help you to become a successful investor. Don’t worry about the mortgage – that’s my job!  I will ensure that you and your potential investor partners have a mortgage that fits your needs today and into the future.

    Feel free to use the contact form below to get in touch!

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    To your wealth!