• ID-10088336I was at an investment meeting this past week – met many amazing people who are investing and/or just starting to invest.  Invariably the question asked is always “how many investments do you own?” or “where are you in your investing career?”  This is all before we even introduce ourselves or tell each other our names.

    After the third time this happened, I stopped, I  looked the person in the eye and said “Hi, my name is Amina and I live in Newmarket, how about you?”  I did not say I am an investor or that I am a mortgage agent first, I told them who I was in one sentence and if they were interested in learning more than I went on from there.    Thankfully most were and as I walked around the room, I could hear snippets of people using the same strategy and it was like a sigh lifted around the room, as people really  got to know each other – aside from how many properties they owned or what they did for a living.

    I have noticed that in these circumstances, people (I am guilty of this as well) are comparing themselves to others around the room.  They might not have bought any properties yet and are there to learn or perhaps they have bought quite a few, but they are never happy with where they are.

    I am learning that where I am compared to others does not matter as much as where I am in bettering myself as a person.  So, as an investor, I have started sharing my experience with others who are lost in the maze of how to get sarted or which type of investment works best for them.  For instance, I started in Rent-to-Own, but now am looking beyond to other types of investing.  How did I make that decision? By listening and learning from others who did it before me but also from those who have a real sense of who they are, aside from investing.

    As a mortgage agent, I am interested in learning about my clients needs and goals and working on a mortgage solution that works for them – not me!  My bottom line does not matter as much as theirs!  Unfortunatley for many in the industry their  commission speaks louder than a client’s needs.

    I love what I do and by serving my clients with their needs in mind, teaches me how to be compassionate, considerate and selfless.  I believe that by going back to the basics of who we are, we can make this a better world for all.

    Living a life where I am giving more than I am receiving is bettering myself, while enriching those around me!

    To your Wealth!

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