• ID-100207206When you get into real estate investing or any venture for that matter you never look at the cons or negatives, you always look for the positives and reach sky high.

    But what happens when your plans take a turn for the worse or your tenants cause you problems and all of a sudden you are hard pressed to look at the positives?

    I recently wrote about my tenant issues in my blog found here http://renthouse2own.ca/blog/index.php/2014/01/16/why-was-going-to-court-an-opportunity-and-not-a-problem/

    So after going through all the motions of having my non-paying tenant evicted, they decided to run in the middle of the night – leaving behind 700 kg of garbage that they never put out at the curb and amongst the garbage was a nest of mice; a dirty house and toilet/tub I don’t think they ever washed; 3 months out of rent; non payment of utilities for the last 3 months that amounted to $445 and having to now start over to find a new tenant.

    I decided that when I got into this business I was never going to let these things hold me back from going forward. The neighbor next to our rental stopped being a landlord because of issues such as these but he would only talk about the negatives. He failed to see the positives. Personally I am grateful that the mice were only in the garage and never got into the house; that the garbage although a lot was all contained to the garage; that even though we are 3 months out of rent, we got rid of bad tenants (yes we had to go through the N4, N9, L1 and even order the Sheriff so all told that cost $500); even though we ended up paying the utilities, they did not cut us off, which would have cost even more. Most of all I am grateful that with a lot of cleaning and some touch up’s we will be able to put the house on the market within the week.

    I am striving to reach my goals of being a full-time real estate investor and if I cannot see the positive even when the negative happens, I will never get there. So if you are a real estate investor and you are only seeing the problems that are inherent in this business, than you need to change your attitude and adopt a positive one and find a reason to be grateful as each positive and negative event serves us an opportunity to learn and progress in our goals.

    To Your Wealth!

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