• I first started my real estate “career” as a home stager – it was from that experience that I was exposed to real estate investing and took the plunge to become an investor in Rent-To-Own single family homes, as I really wanted to help others become homeowners. After the last year or so, I thought by becoming a mortgage agent, I could also help people, who were not interested in Rent-To-Own because not everyone will qualify for a Rent-to-Own property and or be interested in this mode of homeownership.

    I have been asked by people how do I ethically serve my clients by being both a mortgage agent and an investor? I am not pushing one way or another but preferably looking at a person’s overall debt picture. I will first interview my clients about their goals and aspirations as it applies to homeownership; I then gather all of their income and debt numbers and then finally look at their credit bureau.

    Surprisingly the average credit bureau in Canada is quite high at 725 – which still surprises most mortgage brokers when it comes to Jim Flaherty’s mortgage restrictions and ability to qualify for a mortgage but I digress!

    If a client does not qualify for a mortgage and/or cannot afford the mortgage that is offered from the various lenders that I have at my disposal (over 30 in the lender channel ranging from A to B to C and even private lenders), than I will discuss with them the availability of the Rent-to-Own program.

    Since becoming a mortgage agent and so as not to blur the lines, I have made relationships with other Rent-to-Own companies that once qualified through me, will enable my clients to get into a Rent-to-Own property of their choosing. I strongly believe that I cannot do both and honor the needs of my clients and the needs of my profession as a mortgage agent.

    I will continue to invest in different types of properties as that is my key to building long-term sustainable wealth and Rent-to-Own still falls under that umbrella but only when a client approaches me directly.

    I strongly believe in being honest and upfront with my clientelle and want to ensure a long-term relationship with my clients that will lead to both referrals and renewals.

    As a mortgage agent, I can help my clients with a host of different mortgage solutions, which involve to name a few: 1st mortgages, 2nd mortgages, First-time buyers, New to Canada, Refinances, Equity Take-Outs, etc. I also assist other real estate investors with private mortgages or 2nd mortgages through RRSP funds.

    Please contact me today if I can help you or if you know of somebody who can use my help! I can be reached at [email protected] or 416 697-5443.
    To Your Wealth!

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