• Get A Mortgage That Works For You!

    As your Mortgage Broker, I will help you to develop a financing strategy that allows you to grow from one property to the next. Financing for Investors is not difficult when you have the right advice and education on all the alternatives that exist in the marketplace. Mortgages are not a one-sized fits all solution so why should you get just any mortgage? By knowing your specific needs, I can customize your financing and see where I can save you money - more money saved, puts more money in your pocket!


  • Property Financing


    With the new mortgage rules at play, you need expert guidance and a mortgage broker that is also an investor, who can work out a solution to meet your investing goals!
  • US Property Financing


    With access to banks, private lenders and other service providers nationwide, I can help you make your investing journey into the US a success.
  • Commercial Financing

    Commercial mortgage financing is not difficult when you have the right team working for you. Lenders available to do all types of commercial financing, across Canada and the US.
  • Non-Resident Buyers

    As a non-resident buyer, you need a dedicated mortgage broker, who can access best rates and terms, while educating you on the process.
  • I’m Amina Mohamed of Amina’s Mortgage Services. As a mortgage broker and real estate investor, I understand how difficult it can be – not only to start investing but to keep growing.

    When I started out I was confused about which option to choose and which company to trust. I began with a rent to own company, but quickly came to the realization the only one getting rich was the company I joined!

    Having been in the trenches, I understand how difficult it can be to:
    • Navigate the marketplace for the financing you need
    • Find the Joint-Venture partners you want
    • Come up with the down payments required without going to the bank of mom and dad or friends
    • Find good deals in this over-heated marketplace
    • Keep growing your portfolio by sticking to your retirement plans
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    How To Purchase When The Mortgage Rules Keep Changing?

    Whether you are a resident of Canada or even a non-resident (living and working abroad), you are probably wondering how to keep purchasing and/or refinancing when the mortgage rules keep changing like the wind! Since last October, we have seen massive changes – everything from increased rates, [...]


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    Aminas Mortgage Gives Back
    I am grateful everyday to be doing what I do best and for each mortgage I close, I choose to send 10% of my net to support the following charities:
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      As first-time home buyers, we literally didn't know where to start. Amina made it straightforward. She found us several options and highlighted the good/bad of each. She was patient and kind (during some pretty frustrating times), all while keeping us on track to meet deadlines.

      KA Read Kitchener, Ontario April 9, 2017

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